Pinterest fans will be happy to know that Pinterest has recently launched their
brand new “Buy Button”. As fellow shopping addicts, we feel and share your excitement.
The endless browsing and dreaming of your wish list products can now turn into
an actual purchase. That dress you have been eyeing and loving and wanting can
now hang in your closet through the click of a button. And gents, you can now
sneak into your girlfriend’s wedding board (we promise she has one) and go buy
one of the rings she pinned, how convenient!

we now that consumers will be over the moon over this announcement, but what
will this mean for businesses?

you get your products Pin-ready, it is important to revisit some of the best
practices of using Pinterest for business. They include the following:

#1: Make Your Business Visible on Pinterest
#2: Make Your Website
#3: Create Appealing Content
You Can Pin
#4: Know Pinterest’s Image
#5: Pin Useful Content

these best practices in place will help your business reap all the benefits of
the “Buy Button” as well as help you to reach significant spikes in user
growth. If you have any Promoted Pins in circulation already, take a look at
the analytics and establish which Pins performed best and use those as your
first test Pins. It’s crucial that your Pin should contain all the necessary
information and show off the product in its full glory for maximum buyer

the feature is launching on mobile first, you also need to do some research and
find out how your Pins measure up against others on a smartphone screen — you
may be surprised at what you see. Pinterest is also partnering with Shopify and
Demandware to make it easier for small- and medium-sized businesses to sell
products through the site.

Pins are just another way to bring the creative ideas you find on Pinterest to
life, and we can’t wait to see how this trend will evolve and change the
current business environment.

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