YouTube Advertising

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YouTube / True View advertising

#HelloYes uses programmatic buying for YouTube Advertising, we believe in targeting users with relevant video content when they are at their highest level of engagement.

For us it is about targeting the right person at the right place, at the right time. The targeting is done in #RealTime across the different channels and devices. The campaigns are continually optimised to bring the best #Results

Targeted Advertising through these demographics:

  • Reach – Prospect Targeting
  • Relevance – Behavioural Segmentation
  • Qualified – Contextual Segmentation

YouTube gives your campaigns real incremental reach in an audience that is getting harder and harder to reach on traditional media

#HelloYes will collect audience data and is able to retarget the best performing video adverts to users via Display Adverts.

Companion banners can be added to a YouTube campaign, these banners run alongside the YouTube video as part of the YouTube campaign.

We are able to choose the best way to advertise your campaign on YouTube to reach your target market


  • Holistic campaign management across all video inventory sources.
  • Scale and expanded unique user reach on brand-safe sites.
  • Inventory portfolio strategy, ensuring ad effectiveness at a competitive vCPM (viewable CPM).
  • Extended and amplified TV audiences online, managed against TV GRPs.
  • Improved brand equity and test campaign effectiveness through post-impression brand surveys.

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