Media Buying & Planning

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Media buying and planning: In order to meet your Media objectives we start with a strong strategy and sound research. We weigh the different evaluation criteria for media against your strategic objectives and budget parameters. #BestResults

At #HelloYes we ensure that we choose the right mediums for your target market. We research your target market and look for the mediums that will reach your audience and fit within your budget.

#HelloYes choose the best channels to convey your message and we are capable of planning the whole media campaign from beginning to end. We ensure that we are delivering measurable results, with added value, which we negotiate so that you get the best possible results. #YES! #WeCan!

We specialise in media buying across all channels:

  • #TV
  • #Radio
  • #Campaigns
  • #Facebook
  • #LinkedIn
  • #Twitter
  • #Mobile
  • #Social Media
  • #BelowTheLine
  • #AboveTheLine
  • #Digital

Media Services

  • Media Strategy
  • Research Management and Co-ordination
  • Media Buying (Digital, Social Media, TV and Radio)
  • Media Negotiation – We pass discounts onto our clients
  • Media Placement and Verification
  • Post Campaign Analysis
  • Media Campaign Administration (Media contract, management and invoicing)
  • Media Planning which includes negotiation, buying and placement

We deliver measurable results by following dedicated media planning, negotiating, buying and placement practices.  We have shorter lines of communication, meaning faster service.

#HelloYes aims to make the process as easy as possible by streamlining it.  All media queries and opportunities are directed to us to ensure that your team no longer has to field and evaluate countless advertising media queries.  #Winning #Results

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