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Live Events and Social Media go hand in hand

#HelloYes Marketing covers live events through the use of Social Media and uses a 360-degree approach to reach the right audience for your product or brand.  We plan and manage events, right up to the live coverage for your convenience.  

We also ensure that the right social platforms are chosen to reach your target market in the most cost-effective way, in order to maximise results.  Pre-campaign content is compiled in order to create a build up to the live event and gain traction.  

Our social media and community managers are always on the ground to cover the event live via social media, with unmatched attention to detail.  After an event, a post-campaign is then created in order to recap and give the event longevity. 

We specialise in using the following platforms for the events:

  • #Facebook
  • #Twitter
  • #Instagram
  • #LinkedIn
  • #YouTube

…and more

#HelloYes Live Event Services

  • Event Planning that meets your objectives
  • Research Management to ensure we speak to your target audience
  • Co-ordination of the event from beginning to end
  • Event Management with 360 degree approach
  • Post Campaign Analysis with Reporting

#HelloYes Live Event Process

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Event Setup
  • Live coverage of the event
  • Reporting
Come say #Hello and we will help you with your requirements.  Email us at [email protected]

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