Insta Famous!

Insta Famous

Wondering how you could up your Instagram game? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the 411! We’ve listed 3 of’s recommended apps.


Perfect365 is an app that is free on iOS and Android. It’s perfect for selfie editing and exciting as it is feature-rich. According to US Weekly, the Kardashian sisters cite Perfect365 as their go-to app for their selfie editing.


Enlight, which is available only iOS, turns photos into beautiful pieces of art. It can be expected however as this app is Apple’s Design Award winner for 2017.


Snapseed which is Google’s ‘baby’ is our final app. It is one of the best free editing apps and is available for iOS and Android. One of its best features is the huge selection of editing tools and filters that are more powerful than Instagram’s built-in ones, especially the HDR processing.

Now that you have the scoop, go and be great! Do it for the ‘Gram.’


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