About Us

“#HelloYes is fuelled by passion and motivation. We have a positive YES! can-do attitude.”

It all started with a phone call, a “HELLO” and then a “YES”.

At #HelloYes, this YES! factor drives everything we do as a digital, branding and marketing agency. Passion and enthusiasm for our clients and our craft defines our team of digital marketing mavens. Keeping motivated and driven while working in a fun-loving creative environment is how we like to get things done!

#HelloYes was born from the ever-changing client and marketing agency needs in the digital industry. Saying YES to providing an integrated, agile and flexible service that meets your business’ advertising objectives is what we are about. Some say we are #trending.

We specialise in digital marketing services such as #SEO, Google #AdWords, #SocialMedia and #WebsiteDevelopment, but we also understand how your brand’s strategy should be carried through to and integrated with all forms of advertising.

#HelloYes was founded by owner Marcelle McDonald. Marcelle has over 20 years’ experience in Advertising, Marketing, Printing and Business Development and understands that it is important to keep up with the changing industry’s needs and to be agile to those needs. She is an expert at managing and incorporating your brand’s digital strategy within the greater advertising landscape.

We offer you a holistic solution, excellent service levels, quick turnaround times, and we keep up with the current trends within the digital space. We want everyone to say YES! When it comes to your brand.

Why you should say “HELLO” to #HelloYes:

We have a global presence operating and advertising to over 50 countries through a variety of mediums, across multiple timezones in different languages.

Countries we currently service:


We pride ourselves on our outstanding strategic campaigns. We’ll take your brand to the next level with an integrated and innovative advertising strategy that meets all your businesses KPIs.

Digital Trends

We’re up to date with the latest and greatest in digital marketing and media. We are proud to be affiliated with the IAB SA (Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa) and are their official social media partner. This partnership keeps us on our toes when it comes to saying “YES!” to new digital trends!

We listen & we understand

We want to know what YOUR business objectives are so that we can develop the most effective solution. With over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry understanding your needs is just second nature.

Fresh Solutions

We are creative, innovative and think out-of-the-box in order to come up with the most impactful advertising strategy to meet your business’ specific needs.

Creative Design

We conceptualize, brainstorm, and do research in order to produce a masterpiece that stands out from the crowd and shouts HELLO! YES! I want that! YES! I need that! YES! I love that! We ensure that your designs and brand have the YES! factor.

Quick turnaround times

As we are a growing marketing agency, we are able to accommodate our clients at a fast rate with a team of multi-skilled individuals. We dominate deadlines!

Exceptional service levels

We strive to build long-lasting trusting relationships with our clients through providing high service levels. We want to be your partner in all things advertising and marketing related.

Holistic Solutions

Our primary focus is on digital advertising; however, we offer an integrated solution to align all forms and mediums of advertising. #HelloYes has an advertising division and therefore we understand how your strategy needs to be communicated in the digital space.

And lastly… we VALUE you!

We want you to be happy with the service we provide, to love our work and to be comfortable that all your needs will be met without having to worry.

This is why our business values are just that:

#happiness, #love and #comfort

We look forward to your phone call… so we can say “HELLO” and then “YES” all over again.